A definition and discussion of extensive subsistence

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Definition of 'subsistence'

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Difference Between Subsistence Farming and Intensive Farming

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Intensive Subsistence Agriculture

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What Is Extensive Subsistence Agriculture?

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Other Words from extensive Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about extensive. Intensive Subsistence WITH Wet Rice. The intensive agriculture region of Asia can be divided between areas where wet rice dominates, and areas where it doesn't dominate.

The term wet rice refers to the practice of planting rice on dry land in a nursery and then moving the. subsistence definition: 1. the state of having what you need in order to stay alive, but no more: 2.

Extensive agriculture

enough money or food to keep yourself alive 3. what a person needs in order to stay alive. Learn more. Define extensive. extensive synonyms, extensive pronunciation, extensive translation, English dictionary definition of extensive. adj.

1. Large in extent, range, or amount. 2. Of or relating to agricultural production that requires large areas of land but minimizes the input of labor. Today, intensive agriculture is the primary food production pattern in all developed nations except those that are too arid or too cold for any form of farming outside of greenhouses.

Definition A ranked group within a hierarchically stratified society whose membership is defined primarily in terms of wealth, occupation, or other economic criteria Term.

A definition and discussion of extensive subsistence
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