An analysis of the long term care costs for baby boomers in america

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Nursing home care may be out of reach for many aging 'boomers': study

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Selected Long-Term Care Statistics

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· Regardless of their longer life expectancy, baby boomers were more likely to have higher rates of hypertension, higher cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. 2 These results indicate that seniors will push the cost of health care higher and increase the need for health care professionals as the boomers  · Despite the trend toward community-based care as opposed to institutionalized care, only % of long-term care expenditures for the elderly are for community-based care.

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45 Inbillion Medicaid dollars were spent for home and community-based services within long-term The enormous costs and the increasing regulations with regards to nursing home care for sicker patients will result in centers changing into long-term care hospitals and subacute facilities, rather than having the truly residential and homelike environments of today (Blanchette, )  · Retiring baby boomers will more than double Medicare and Medicaid costs by Retired year-old couples can expect to pay $, in out-of-pocket expenses for health care, excluding long  · In addition, duringpublic financing of long-term care is projected to increase 20%% in the United Kingdom and the United States and % in Japan (15).

However, these increases will be less if public health interventions decrease disability among older persons, helping them to live  · Today, the highest Medicaid costs for long-term care derive from care provided by skilled-nursing facilities.

The annual cost of nursing-home care in

An analysis of the long term care costs for baby boomers in america
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