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Fifteenth Annual Weblog Awards: The 2015 Bloggies

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2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Teen Recipients Announced

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Art & Writing Awards: Meet Rebecca - an art educator

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I think one of the most important things to remember is to listen to your feedback. Student Art Exhibit Program. The winners of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are exhibited for a year beginning every August, and another exhibit, rotated every two to three months, accommodates the many educators who want to exhibit their students’ work.

Exhibits are currently booked through Calling all "Star Wars" mega fans!The "Star Wars" Fan Awards contest has been underway for a while, but there's still time to get creative and submit your best fan work for a chance to win.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards offer early recognition of creative teenagers and scholarship opportunities for graduating high-school seniors. The Awards are national in scope and administered by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.

Select art to be displayed in month-long exhibit at The Galleria Harris County Department of Education hosts events to highlight the talents of more than 1, local teens who earned Scholastic Art & Writing Gold and Silver Key Awards.

New this year, Gold Key recipients in grades will have their artwork on display. This year alone, students around America submitted overworks of art and writing to the Scholastic Awards, which goes to show the magnitude of this contest.

Art and writing awards blog
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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards