Billie j rodman new mexico employment security department and presbyterian hospital

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Holger V. Olson 12/13//29/ Holger V. Olson, age 96 of Glen died Saturday, October 1, at the Riverwood Health Care Center in Aitkin. An administrative decision of the New Mexico Employment Security Department denying unemployment compensation to Billie J.

Inc. Rodman was reviewed on certiorari by the district court. Billie J. Billie would slam charts.2d Supreme Court of New Mexico. on February Case Brief Of Billie J Rodman V New Mexico Employment Security Department And Presbyterian Hospital Case Brief P.2d Supreme Court of New MexicoBillie J.

RODMAN, Petitioner–Appellant, MEXICO EMPLOYMENT SECURITY DEPARTMENT and Presbyterian Hospital, Respondents– Nov. 30, Written By: Lawrence Pelkey Facts:.

Rodman v. New Mexico Employment SEC. Dept.

Billie J. Rodman, Appellant was employed by Presbyterian Hospital as a unit secretary for eight years when, on Feb 17,she was terminated under hospital personnel policies following a “third corrective action” notice.

Billie j rodman new mexico employment security department and presbyterian hospital
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