E procurement and e marketing for airasia com

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Deals of the Year 2017

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Business models, technology & innovation for Asia’s aviation industry

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Airbus A220

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Small is still beautiful in Asia

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A sia Business Law Journal‘s Deals of the Year Awards for has increased its coverage to 70 outstanding deals throughout the region.

Thai Airways

The deals, along with some truly exceptional star deals, were the ones our editorial team felt best showcased examples of legal expertise in the region. The Airbus A, previously known as Bombardier CSeries (or C Series), is a family of narrow-body, twin-engine, medium-range jet airliners marketed by Airbus but designed and originally built by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier unavocenorthernalabama.coming Airbus involvement the aircraft are built by CSeries Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP).

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E procurement and e marketing for airasia com
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