Ecommerce in hospitality and tourism industry

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ECommerce in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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HITEC 2001 - Hospitality E-Business - The Future by by Roger S. Cline and Dr. Mark Warner

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Hospitality E-Business: The Future is the fifth in a series of global studies being completed under the Hospitality banner. The role of the study is to define some of the critical issues the.

This course will examine developments in e-commerce in hospitality and tourism and provide information and knowledge for organizations in the industry to assess and. In Hospitality and Tourism industry, hardware, software, information management, and telecommunications systems have allowed for the processing and information flow amongst organizations.

The way in which tourism organizations take advantage of IT tools may determine their future success in the marketplace [4]. The Impact of E-Commerce and Social Networking on the Hotel Industry by: Jonathan Jaeger.

The impact of global economic recession is taking its toll on the hotel industry. Smith Travel Research has reported a national RevPAR decline of percent for YTD September compared to the same period in E-Commerce has brought revolutionary changes in tourism and hospitality industry.

Tourism as one of the biggest industries is a natural partner of Internet. It is a major component of most economies and community-based tourism is steadily increasing popularity. Tourism also has potential to induce local development and increase the. Ecommerce and Information Technology in Hospitality and Tourism fills a serious need for useful information about the applications of ecommerce and information technology in this industry.

The Author takes the view that the industry continues to experience dramatic changes as a .

Ecommerce in hospitality and tourism industry
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