Epidimiology homeless and hiv aids

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The US has an HIV epidemic – and its victims are gay black men

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Also, the HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Report, which is published in collaboration with Public Health-Seattle & King County, describes supplemental surveillance projects, needs assessments, and other local research projects focusing on HIV.

HOMELESSNESS AND HIV/AIDS. Health and homelessness are deeply interwoven issues. Chronic illness and/or disabling conditions, including HIV/AIDS, are more prevalent in the homeless populations.

Co-occurrence of homelessness and HIV/AIDS poses a complex and multidimensional challenge to the health care provider's clinical and system integration skills. HIV/AIDS is markedly more prevalent in the homeless population than in the population of individuals in stable dwellings.

Challenges such as inadequate access to care, HIV-risk behaviors and the costs of healthcare make it difficult for homeless persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) to improve their health. For homeless individuals living with HIV/AIDS the conditions of homelessness are even more dire.

HIV/AIDS And The Homeless

The impact of HIV/AIDS on a person’s immune system makes homelessness a serious health risk. Homeless shelters, while they provide respite from the elements are often a significant threat to people with HIV/AIDS.

Epidimiology homeless and hiv aids
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