Gandhi and his campaign for civil

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Gandhi’s first act of civil disobedience

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Till, a people rise in revolt. InGandhi organized his first mass civil-disobedience campaign, which he called “Satyagraha” (“truth and firmness”), in reaction to the South African Transvaal government’s new restrictions on the rights of Indians, including the refusal to recognize Hindu marriages.

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Bringing Down an Empire: Gandhi and Civil Disobedience. Mahatma Gandhi’s lasting legacy. His campaign of civil disobedience against an imperial power not only united Indians but also inspired several other world leaders in their fight for justice.

Gandhi had a long-standing commitment to nonviolent civil disobedience, which he termed satyagraha, as the basis for achieving Indian sovereignty and self-rule. Referring to the relationship between satyagraha and Purna Swaraj, Gandhi saw "an inviolable connection between the means and the end as there is between the seed and the tree." He wrote, "If the means employed are impure, the change.

As far as I can tell, no civil disobedience campaign of Gandhi's ever succeeded chiefly through a change of heart in his opponents.

Gandhi: Reckless teenager to father of India

But this doesn't mean civil disobedience didn't work. As a matter of fact, it did work.

Gandhi and Civil Disobedience

The only thing off-kilter was Gandhi's explanation of how and why it worked. Inthe Transvaal government sought to further restrict the rights of Indians, and Gandhi organized his first campaign of satyagraha, or mass civil disobedience.

After seven years of protest.

Gandhi and his campaign for civil
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Gandhi in South Africa