Gaza and isriael

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Israel and Palestine

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Gaza-Israel conflict: Is the fighting over?

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International Travel

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May 30,  · Watch video · Israel relinquished control of parts of Gaza and the West Bank to a semi-autonomous government, the Palestinian Authority, in exchange for an agreement to stem violence by Palestinian guerilla.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Crime: The crime rate is moderate in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. Parked vehicle break-ins are common at public beach areas, national parks, and other tourist sites. Parked vehicle break-ins are common at public beach areas, national parks, and other tourist sites. Israel finally left Gaza in but soon after, a group called Hamas won elections and took control there.

Much of the world calls Hamas a terrorist organisation.

Gaza–Israel conflict

The Gaza Strip, sandwiched between Israel and Egypt, has been a recurring flashpoint in the Israel-Palestinian conflict for years. Israel occupied Gaza in the Middle East war and pulled its.

Gaza and isriael
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