Gender and moral devt of carol

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Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development

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Applied History of Psychology/Moral Development

There is a difference between moral judgment and moral behavior. The theory is based on data from males From western cultures Moral Development in Girls Carol Gilligan’s theory of moral development Carol Gilligan suggests that the way boys and girls are raised in our own society leads to differences in moral reasoning.

Carol Gilligan is the author of the classic work "In a Different Voice" which challenged mainstream psychological theories of moral development that were based almost exclusively on male experience.

Published inCarol Gilligan's In a Different Voice proposed a new model of moral reasoning based on care, arguing that it better described the moral life of women. An Ethic of Care is the first volume to bring together key contributions to the extensive debate engaging Gilligan's work.

Gilligan's work, which focuses on sex differences in moral reasoning, the perception of violence, the resolution of sexual dilemmas and abortion decisions, poses a major challenge to Kohlberg's. who think in terms of connectedness. Since distinctions of identity shape the selection of moral perspective, the link between gender and moral judgment is particularly strong in the teenage years when young men and women are highly self-conscious.

Justice is ultimate moral maturity for adolescents (usually male) who see themselves as autonomous.

Kohlberg and Gilligan moral development theory

Carol Gilligan was the first to consider gender differences in her research with the mental processes of males and females in their moral development. In general, Gilligan noted differences between girls and boys in their feelings towards caring, relationships, and connections with other people.

Gender and Obedience Gender and moral devt of carol
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