Green roofs and walls

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Green wall

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Green roof

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Second Only To Nature

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Parker’s certified team has a clear advantage in delivering green walls and green roofs.

Green roof

Not only do we have the highest certifications, we have more than 60 years of experience in actually growing, installing and maintaining the living plants.

These terms refer to the degree of maintenance the roofs require. Intensive green roofs are composed of relatively deep substrates (20cm+) and can therefore support a wide range of plant types: trees and shrubs as well as perennials, grasses and annuals. Green roofs and living walls are beneficial to the environment and enhance our surroundings, so their growing presence in our towns and cities is a reason for celebration.

A green wall is a wall partially or completely covered with greenery that includes a growing medium, such as soil or a substrate. Most green walls also feature an integrated water delivery system. A green wall is also known as a living wall or vertical provides insulation to keep the building's inside temperature consistent.

Green wall

Sedum Green Roof supply a wide range of top quality sedum mats and modular DIY trays for Green roofs. Telephone Caroline on: for information regarding Green Roofs. We can install or deliver all the components for a Green roof or Living roof including drainage layer and substrate anywhere in the UK.

Sedum Green Roof will also provide and installation service and maintenance.

Green roofs and walls
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