Indonesia and east timor conflict

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East Timor profile - Timeline

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Indonesia invades East Timor Early in the morning, Indonesian forces launch a massive invasion of the former Portuguese half of the island of Timor, which lies near Australia in the Timor Sea. Indonesia occupied East Timor for the next twenty four years.

More thanTimorese reportedly died from famine, disease, and fighting since the country’s annexation. In February ofthe United Nations commission on Human Rights adopted a resolution affirming East Timor’s right to independence and self determination.

The Shocking Occupation of East Timor by Indonesia. East Timor is the eastern end of Timor Island, part of the vast archipelago that today makes up the island state of Indonesia.

Originally a Portuguese colony, — it was one of the famous “spice islands” — it became a tempting morsel for the military government of neighbouring Indonesia. The Indonesian invasion of East Timor, known in Indonesia as Operation Lotus (Indonesian: Operasi Seroja), began on 7 December when the Indonesian military invaded East Timor under the pretext of anti-colonialism.

Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Indonesia. Cambridge University Press. A former Portuguese colony, East Timor (now Timor-Leste) is located on the Eastern half of the island of Timor (the western half became a part of Indonesia immediately following independence).

The revolution in Portugal signaled the end of Portuguese colonial power, and immediately thereafter. A snapshot Mediating land conflict in East Timor A mediation model for addressing conflict over land was introduced in in East Timor by the uN Transitional Administration.

Indonesia and east timor conflict
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