Interview single parenting and teenage pregnancy

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If you have an additional, ask the babysitter if she has implications babysitting babies. Services available include: pregnancy testing, advising on options, referrals for STD testing, medical, legal, financial and housing.

Also offered are factual information on abortion and fetal development, as well as childbirth classes, parenting classes and post abortion support. Oct 05,  · Single Parenting; My Life as a Teenage Mom; My Life as a Teenage Mom. At 15, most girls are thinking about clothes, boys, and parties.

My pregnancy Author: as Told to Debra Immergut. Interview: Single Parenting and Teenage Pregnancy The person that I choose for my Interview was Audrey.

Audrey Is 40 years old and Is a full time single mother to 9 children and Is currently raising two of her sisters children.

Good questions to ask a teen mother in an interview?

Interview- Single Parenting and Teenage Pregnancy The person that I choose for my interview was Audrey. Audrey is 40 years old and is a full time single mother to 9 children and is currently raising two of her sister’s children.

Did you know that every yearteens get pregnant? Did you also know that close to 25 percent of teen mothers has a second child within two years of the first birth? Oct 02,  · Hi i am doing a sba on teenage pregnancy and i would like you to answer honestly and truthfully.?

Parent(s) feel free to answer my questions cause i would like to know what u think bout teenage pregnancy and some Resolved.

What Every Parent Needs to Know about Teen Pregnancy Interview single parenting and teenage pregnancy
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