Louis xiv of france and his foreign policy

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Louis XIV of France

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Louis XV of France

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The jokes of the Imperialists against the Admissions, therefore, could hardly fail to budget Louis into bullet. Warfare defined the foreign policy of Louis XIV, and his personality shaped his approach. Impelled "by a mix of commerce, revenge, and pique", Louis sensed that warfare was the ideal way to enhance his glory.

In peacetime he concentrated on preparing for the next war. In Louis XIV launched the War of Devolution (), the first in a series of military conflicts that characterized his aggressive approach to foreign policy, by invading the Spanish.

Dec 02,  · Watch video · Louis XIV and Foreign Policy. In Louis XIV launched the War of Devolution (), the first in a series of military conflicts that characterized his aggressive approach to foreign.

Louis XIV and Domestic Policy

Louis XIV’s domestic policy was to transform unavocenorthernalabama.com XIV built on Louis XIII’s policy of extending absolute royal rule (centralised absolutism) to all parts of the unavocenorthernalabama.com was the archetypal absolutist monarch. Aided by politicians such as Jean-Baptiste Colbert, and more especially, Jules Mazarin, Louis stamped his rule on his kingdom.

Louis XIV of France

Louis Foreign Affairs. STUDY. PLAY. What were Louis XIV's foreign policy objectives upon his succession to the throne of France?

Pursuit of 'gloire'- through war. France had been frequently exploited and invaded before Louis- but his aggression certified France as a major power. His reign of almost 59 years (from –) was the second longest in the history of France, exceeded only by his predecessor and great-grandfather, Louis XIV who ruled for 72 years (from –).

Louis xiv of france and his foreign policy
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