Mesopotamia writing and art

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Art of Mesopotamia

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Art of the Ancient Near East Ancient Near East Mesopotamian Sumerian Akkadian Neo-Sumerian Babylonian Hittite Elamite Assyrian Neo-Babylonian Achaemid Persian Sassanian. The period from emergence of Sumerian civilization to about BC when the Akkadians overtook the control over Mesopotamia is commonly referred as the Old Sumerian Period and is divided on Pre-dynastic Period ( BC to BC) and Early Dynastic Period ( BC to BC).

If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains * and * are unblocked. Therein, writing emerged with a pictographic script in the Uruk IV period (ca. 4th millennium BC), and the documented record of actual historical events — and the ancient history of lower Mesopotamia — commenced in the mid-third millennium BC with cuneiform records of early dynastic kings.

The art of Mesopotamia rivalled that of. The ancient arts in Mesopotamia represent a form of art that is considered one of the oldest in historical times. The influence of society is evident in this style, as it was the patron of art, especially from kings and clergy.

Mesopotamia writing and art
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