Mount cramfs read write and think

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Some Background:

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Overwriting CRAMFS image while it is mounted

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Ubifs vs. Cramfs

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Introduction. The compressed ROM file system (cramfs) is a read-only Linux file system designed to have a small footprint. The main difference between cramfs and a compressed image of a traditional file system is that the cramfs file system can be used without the need to decompress it first.

First of all to remount a partition read write simply run mount -o rw now with that out of the way this is probably not the issue, it appears you're trying to change files on the livecd instead of the chroot or mounted filesystem given the bash prompt which, of course, is a read-only filesystem.

I desoldered the chip from the motherboard, and read it's contents. I 'think' (assume?) that it contains an MBR and some other partitions. I would like to 'mount' file and be able to read. So I must be sure that this will remount as read-write only a specific destination folder, not every mount of the device.

I need do this on running system, not test environment. I need do this on running system, not test environment.

Overwriting CRAMFS image while it is mounted

I've written an app that modifies file system contents. One of the requirements to do this is mounting the system as read-write. From here and other sources, I've found the widely accepted command is. Re: Overwriting CRAMFS image while it is mounted Submitted by cglindkamp on Wed, 11/10/ - It is not generally safe to overwrite a mounted image (regardless of file system type), although read-only file systems are a bit easier to handle.

Mount cramfs read write and think
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linux - How do I mount as a read-write filesystem and not read-only? - Super User