Police powers search detain and arrest

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Powers of the police in England and Wales

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How can the police detain you?

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Powers of the police in Scotland

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Police powers to arrest and detain Police powers to arrest and detain v5 Last reviewed: 27/05/ Page 1 of 7 search you, your property and your premises investigate any offence they suspect you have committed interview you, or. The police have powers to arrest you anywhere and at any time, including on the street, at home or at work.

The rules are different in Scotland. The police arrest procedure. To achieve D1 learners will need to evaluate the powers of the police to arrest and detain individuals and search individuals and their property. Learners will need to consider why police have these powers.

It is easy to search the ‘net’ and find information on a host of topics. You should be aware, however, of the weaknesses of the internet and the many problems associated with internet research.

Police powers search detain and arrest Paper

There are few checks and lances about what appears on the internet and much material to be found there is unreliable or of dubious value as a source. Police powers to arrest and detain Police powers to arrest and detain v5 Last reviewed: 27/05/ Page 1 of 7 This information sheet provides information about the powers that police in.

Police powers to search, arrest and detain. Paper presented at Legal Aid Civil Law Conference, November Jane Sanders, Principal.

What powers do the police have to arrest and detain me? Police powers search detain and arrest
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