Property value and commodity exchange in he athenian society

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Exchange value

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Thus only on the market the real value will be established as a social relationship between the exchange partners. The Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (– BC), in the Nicomachean Ethics, noted such "market behaviour", and said that the increased value of a commodity was relative to the buyer's demand for the commodity.

In Greek mythology, Lethe is the river of forgetfulness which winds through the underworld. Emerson alludes to Lethe to make the point that once one grows up, one cannot forget the responsibilities and restraints of adulthood that have been thrust upon her.

Economic democracy

exchange value precedes use value—that Marx’s imaginary commodity owner wants no part of: “he wants to realize his commodity as value whether or not his own commodity has any use value for the owner of the other commodity” (K / C ).

Exchange becomes part of the very process of reproduction or the working activity of people, and only this aspect of exchange, the proportions of exchange, the value of commodities, is the subject of our research.

Property value and commodity exchange in he athenian society
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