Social computing and tools for collaboration

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List of collaborative software

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social computing

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Social computing is an important arena for organizational and individual development. To contribute: IBM—as a business, as an innovator and as a corporate citizen—makes important contributions to the world, to the future of business and technology, and to public dialogue on a.

Social computing is the next generation of business collaboration. Through viral networking, it extends the traditional one-to-one or one-to-few reach of individuals and communities, giving them access to a far larger pool of collective wisdom.

Most students use Social Networking tools daily to communicate with each other. Faculty can use this phenomenon to increase student engagement and learning. Social computing is the collaborative and interactive aspect of online behavior.

The term can be understood in contrast to personal computing, which describes the behavior of isolated users. Social computing within an organization can empower and motivate employees and, as a consequence, create. Social networking is a game-changing factor, but the challenge is to use these tools in a trusted environment.

MITRE's role is to help sponsors use the power of communication and connection for improved outcomes. A key feature of the new social computing trends is the use of easy-to-use, lightweight, mostly open-source computing tools.

Examples include blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, peer-to-peer networks, open source communities, photo and video sharing communities, and online business networks.

Social computing and tools for collaboration
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