Switch statement and command

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About Switch

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The switch Statement

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Try PowerShell's Switch statement, especially when the 'if' and 'elseif' command becomes to cumbersome. See the -switch examples. I have a switch statement where each case has unique code, and some code that is shared between all cases except the default label.

switch (C# reference)

Is there a good way to have a shared command between the differen. Introduction to Windows PowerShell's Switch Statement As with other scripting languages, PowerShell provides a variety of commands to perform branching logic.

For simple cases, with few options, the ‘If’ construction works well. The switch statement can include any number of case instances, but no two case constants within the same switch statement can have the same value. Execution of the statement body begins at the selected statement and proceeds until the end of the body or until a break statement transfers control out of.

I am trying to use a switch statement to start function calls.

C - switch statement

The value that needs to be passed into the switch statement in an argument that comes from the command line arguments, meaning that it. The switch statement may include at most one default label placed in any switch section. The following example shows a simple switch statement that has three switch sections, each containing two statements.

The second switch section contains the case 2: and case 3: labels.

Switch statement and command
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