Tire and winter tires

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Tire Types

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Winter Tires

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Winter tires

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Winter tires are specifically designed to offer optimal levels of traction on ice, snow, and slush in addition to wet and dry road surfaces in severe cold weather conditions.

Winter tires. Tires can be sold with different speed ratings, so it's important to choose the tire that's best suited to your vehicle. We recommend that you choose new tires with a speed rating at least equal to your old tires.

Winter & Snow Tires vs. All Season Tires

However, Transport Canada and the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada say true winter tires provide the best safety in winter conditions.

And it’s not just about severe snow and ice, which struck typically mild regions like Vancouver and Toronto last year. Jan 06,  · Now watch as Tire Rack compares the difference between winter/snow tires, all-season tires and summer tires by evaluating acceleration, stopping.

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Tire and winter tires
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