Tsotsi boy and hood

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A jo with a young son who prides near Tsotsi in the tongue. An amoral teenager develops an unexpected paternal side in this powerful drama from South Africa.

Tsotsi (Thug)

Tsotsi (Presley Chweneyagae) is the street name used by a young Johannesburg delinquent who has. Tsotsi is a Powerful, Academy Award Winning Movie about a South African gangster, who turned his life around at the end. This is a must see movie. I love this movie and if you don't mind reading the English subtitles you should definitely watch it/5().

TIETOA HAUSTA. Tarkennettu elokuvahaku hakee elokuvia Makuunin elokuvatietokannasta antamillasi hakuehdoilla. Halutessasi voit jättää minkä tahansa kentän tyhjäksi. Tsotsi takes place outside Johannesburg, South Africa, in a poor slum district known as Soweto township.

In reality it is one of the ugliest, poorest and most dangerous communities on the planet. Tsotsi is an inspiring film by Gavin Hood which is about a teenage boy named David (Tsotsi) who struggles every day for survival.

At a very young age, he lost his mother to AIDS and had an abusive father and this led him to run away and grow up on the streets. Uncertain of what to do with the baby, Tsotsi takes the boy home and tries to care for it -- going so far as to force Miriam (Terry Pheto), a single mother living nearby, to nurse the baby%.

Tsotsi boy and hood
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