Understanding premature infancy and its problems

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Schizophrenia Symptoms, Signs, and Coping Tips

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Adizes Corporate Lifecycle

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Thalassemia is a group of inherited blood disorders (passed on through genes) that can affect hemoglobin production and cause anemia. It includes alpha thalassemia and beta thalassemia.

Learn about signs and symptoms and the laboratory tests used to help diagnose thalassemia.

The science of attachment parenting

Preterm birth, also known as premature birth, is the birth of a baby at fewer than 37 weeks gestational age. These babies are known as preemies or premies.

Symptoms of preterm labor include uterine contractions which occur more often than every ten minutes or the leaking of fluid from the vagina.

Premature infants are at greater risk for cerebral palsy, delays in development, hearing problems. What scientific studies reveal about attachment parenting. Links between attachment parenting practices and secure attachment. Several aspects of responsive parenting have been associated with the development of secure attachments.

Understanding premature infancy and its problems
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