Write a mixed number and a decimal for the shaded part

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Writing decimal numbers shown in grids

Starting with the country that has the largest area, write the names of the countries in order under the heading ÒCountry.Ó. Number and Operations – Fractions The rectangle is now divided into 3 equal parts, with 1 part shaded.

The model shows the fraction 1__. So, 3 2__ and 6 1__ are equivalent. 3 the same number of equal parts. He shaded 1_ 3 of one rectangle and 1_ 4 of other rectangle. What. Convert Percents, Decimals, and Fractions. Numbers greater than one that include a fractional part can be written as the sum of a whole number and the fractional part.

For instance, the mixed number is the sum of the whole number 3 and the fraction. = 3 +. Example. Write the decimal part as a. Sep 04,  · How to write a mixed number and an improper fraction for a shaded region. How to write a mixed number and an improper fraction for a shaded region.

Skip navigation Shaded Part. Multiply the number of thirds counted in Part a) by 2. A mixed numberis a number made up of a whole number and a fraction. For example, 11 4 How would you write this decimal number as a mixed number? 5 What fraction does not represent the shaded part of the picture?

A. 1 8 2 B. 4 6 C.

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1 6 2 D. 2 3 2. What fraction is equivalent to 4 5.

Write 44% as a fraction or mixed number? Write a mixed number and a decimal for the shaded part
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