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So You Wanna Create a Radio Drama?

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Radio drama

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Listen to PlayME - top ranking, new and notable radio drama podcast. Hottest actors read award winning theater / theatre scripts. TAGGART, Jill: KGBS, ; KABC, Jill lives in Portland, Oregon and her married name is D’Aubery.

She works as an actress in a medical school portraying women with obscure symptoms to medical students who must then diagnose her “ailments.”. Writing for Radio Drama NARRATOR This is the BBC Academy Podcast, essential listening for the production, journalism and technology broadcast communities, JO Hi, I’m Jo Ind, this week we’re learning how to write drama for radio.

How long should a radio play be? How detailed should you make your scene directions?. By Paula “Patrick” Ryan The Matt Patrick Show.

HOUSTON — My husband and I could talk for hours about trends, ratings, monthlies, PPMs, diaries, blogs, bits, bumper music, and on and on and on. A podcast covering all aspects of writing, recording and creating audio drama. Whether you are a completely new to the medium or have been producing for decades, the Audio Drama Production Podcast aims to help and inspire you towards creating more content, offering opinions, answering questions and providing a platform for you to contribute to.

So You Wanna Create a Radio Drama? Writing and producing radio dramas podcast
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PlayME - New and noteworthy top ranking drama podcast