Writing and publishing program sfu sis

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Continuing education

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Programs and Courses

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If you know what you want to study, go to the A-Z lists below (majors, joint majors, minors and more) and find your program.

Want to explore?. Courses offered through this Continuing Studies department offer an alternative to traditional classroom learning. Web-based and print-based courses provide flexibility to learn when and where it's.

Programs and Courses At SFU Continuing Studies, we're committed to education that works for you. Whether you're hoping for a promotion, you've always wanted a university degree, or you want to turn your passion into a new career, we can help.

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Book, Magazine, and Online Publishing Research and Education Part of the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology at Simon Fraser University, [email protected] offers education and professional development at all levels, from short professional Publishing Workshops to our Undergraduate Minor in Print and Digital Publishing and the graduate-level Master of Publishing program.

Canadian Immigrant magazine is a national multimedia platform to help immigrants succeed in Canada by providing the information, inspiration and connections they need.

Writing and publishing program sfu sis
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