Writing patchwriting and plagiarism consequences

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Triumph takes three different forms-cheating, non-attribution of arguments, and patchwriting: Their disqualified definition of patchwriting:.

Patchwriting, a form of plagiarism, usually happens when the writer does not fully understand the information he or she is writing about.

It generally occurs when students write too closely to the original source without using the appropriate attribution. This website has been developed by Kelly McClanahan and Kenton Harsch to promote greater awareness of the complexities underlying plagiarism and patchwriting, and to provide a variety of resources for teachers or others who are interested in or dealing with issues related to plagiarism and patchwriting.

Patchwriting happens when you rephrase a portion of source material, but your language remains too close to the vocabulary and/or sentence structure of the original text. All patchwriting is a kind of paraphrase, but successful paraphrase is not patchwritten.

Steering clear of plagiarism, however, can be more difficult than it seems and the consequences can be severe. Fortunately, it’s a problem educators are devoting quite a bit of energy to, and there are new resources available to help students avoid the pitfalls of.

Writing Ethically and Well: Plagiarism, Patchwriting and the Thesis/Dissertation This is the introduction to a series of videos for graduate students on plagiarism and how to avoid it.


Related Documents. consequences for plagiarism include a failing grade for the assignment or the course, expulsion from school, or even revocation of a degree.

What is patchwriting? Jamieson & Howard (), define patchwriting as “restating a phrase Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism LWC Writing Center Slider• Every Writer, Every.

Writing patchwriting and plagiarism consequences
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